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& ? 8 6 8 6 . œ œ J œ ∑ N.C. u P . ∑ . œ # œ J œ ∑ "Many have..." . ∑ . . . œ œ œ œ J œ œ . . œ œ œ œ J œ œ & ? 6 . . œ œ œ œ ‰ . . œ œ # œ œ ‰ . . œ œ b œ œ j œ œ . . œ œ œ œ j œ œ . . . . . . œ œ J œ œ œ œ . . œ œ œ œ J œ œ 'They told of..." 25 With anticipation e = 138 © 2017 PraiseGathering Music (ASCAP) (a division of Randy Vader Music LLC, admin. by Music Services, All rights reserved. Used by permission. Music by JAY ROUSE Arr. by Jay Rouse Words by ROSE ASPINALL Redemption's Story He sent redemption to His people; He has commanded His covenant forever. Holy and awesome is His name. (Psalm 111:9) Many have undertaken to draw up an account of those things which have been fulfilled. It seemed good to us that we give an account for you as well. For what we have seen and heard we must tell. Ancient passages taught us of what was to come. They told of a Messiah born to be a Redeemer of a star so bright that kings went searching of a journey that led not to a palace but to a stable. They tell how the Father did not forget His promise. And that there was a time—a time long ago when a Baby was born in a manger. He was the Child of Promise. He would redeem us all someday.

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