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The Mercy Manger

Christmas Musicals for Church

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& ? b b 4 4 4 4 w ∑ N.C. I P w w n ∑ "Heavenly Father,..." w w ∑ w w ∑ & ? b b 5 w w w w w w w "... Your provision..." w w n w w w w w w w w w w n w w w & ? b b 9 . . b œ œ b . . b b œ œ "We celebrate..." w w b w w b b w w w w 84 Tenderly q = 84 Music by JAY ROUSE Arr. by Jay Rouse Words by ROSE ASPINALL The Mercy Manger Reprise (,!!(#)$-$*$*,!!2#-,'%%#!$)(#!-##"#'* Heavenly Father, wors are inaequate to escribe Your holiness an Your glory. You are the Giver of every goo an perfect gift. Your provision is enless, Your loving inness, $*#!((1+$")$)(%!)$)# $*$')(')()$!!)($*'$# We celebrate Your "ercy. We sing with the angels. We rejoice with the shephers an we worship with the ings. We stan in silent awe as the "other whispers her lullaby. Heaven1s Prince is resting in a "anger. He1s Jesus, the gift of Your grace. He1s Jesus, the Brea of ife. 1((*()*!!"(*'$$*'!$+#()!#"#'.)"'-"#' "# © 2018 PraiseGathering Music (ASCAP) (a division of Randy Vader Music LLC, admin. by Music Services, All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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